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Welcome to the World Preston

Welcome to the World Preston

Hi friends! You may have noticed that I’ve been gone for a little while. Well, I’ve been absent for the last week because on May 25th, at 8 weeks early, our little man decided that he wanted to come into this world.  I thought I would share a little bit with you so here’s his birth story.

I knew something was a little off when I started having quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions on Friday May 23rd. I had been having them frequently throughout my pregnancy but there were definitely more that night. I called the on-call OB around 11PM and we decided if the contractions became more frequent or intensified that I was to call them back and go in. They didn’t do either.

But they didn’t stop.

Saturday morning I called again and the OB on call asked me to come in around 10AM just to check and make sure that everything was ok. They did an NST and found Preston to be totally fine and not responding to the contractions I was having. Then she checked to see if I was dilated. She didn’t expect me to be dilated more than 1cm since I was only 32 weeks pregnant.

I was 3cm.

She sent me to the antepartum unit where I was going to be for at least 2 days. They gave me some magnesium to try to slow down labor and a steroid shot to help Preston. I was to get another steroid shot 24 hours later. The OB came to check me again at 6PM. There had been no changes. Everything looked good. We were all encouraged that they were going to be able to keep me pregnant for a least a few more weeks. But later on that night, around 1:45am, Mr. Preston decided that he couldn’t wait any longer and I started to get some real contractions. Really painful and really close together. They checked me again.

I was 5cm.

When she said that I knew there was no turning back. My baby was coming.

They did an ultrasound and discovered he was breech. The OB tried turning him but to no avail and at 6:03AM May 25th little Preston was born via C-section. He weighed 4lbs 7oz and was 18.5 inches. Because of the magnesium I was on and because he didn’t get the extra shot of steroids the doctors had to insert a breathing tube right after he was born to help him breath. I got to see him for a few seconds before he was whisked away to the NICU.

I had to wait in the recovery room for about two hours before I could go visit him. It was a very long two hours.

Finally, I got to see our baby boy. He was so tiny. So handsome. So perfect. We fell in love instantly.

In the week since his birth he has been progressing really nicely. The doctors say that he was a really good size for being 32 weeks, which has helped him. He was only on the breathing tube for a day and has been breathing on his own since shortly after birth.  He was having some digestion issues in the beginning but those are resolving themselves as well. He was under the phototherapy lights for a few days but those were turned off a few days ago. We’ve been able to do some skin to skin contact and I even got to try to nurse him yesterday. All things considered he is doing well.

Now we just wait. Wait for him to be big enough to come home. When he was born the doctors said he wouldn’t be home until his due date. I’m hoping they were just saying that because they didn’t want to get our hopes by telling us a date only to discover that he can’t go home then. I have my fingers, legs, arms and toes crossed hoping that it will be earlier than that.

It’s been hard on Kellan too. He has got to meet his little brother but it’s hard for him that mommy and daddy have had to spend so much time away. It’s hard on the whole family really. It’s hard for me to go to sleep at home at night knowing that I don’t have both of my babies with me. It’s hard for me to divide my time between the two of them. I want to spend time with Preston, help with his care and bond with him. But I also have a 2 1/2 year old that doesn’t understand quite yet what is going on.

It’s hard.

But I know that this too shall pass and soon enough I’ll have all my boys under one roof.

The recipes will probably be lacking a little over the next few months. But I’ll be back when things have settled down a bit. And I’ll be back with updates on little man’s progress too. Until then, live, laugh, love and eat well.



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  • twopeasandtheirpod

    Preston is such a handsome little guy! Thinking of you and your cute little family! xo

  • llapa

    Best wishes for lil Preston to be well and home soon!

  • Regina

    Best wishes to all of you!!! Mr Preston is so handsome!!!! Take all the time you need…… we will be here, waiting for updates!!!! Prayers that he continues to do well and you have your little family all together!!

  • Stephanie

    He is beautiful! Everything will work out, you will see. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. Take your time…we love you.

  • Lindsay Henry

    He’s just lovely, Des! Thinking of you!

  • Wow! What a crazy story you will have to share with him later. So happy he is doing as well as possible and hoping you will be able to bring him home sooner than later!

  • Jen B.

    Thank you, Des for sharing your story with us. I am so glad to see Preston is making such great progress. I think all of us would rather you focus on your boys than recipes for us right now. Take your time and share pictures when you can! <3

  • sallyjanevictor

    So happy for you and your men.

  • Susan Foulds

    Recipes don’t get lonely or change quickly on their own, babies and brothers do. Just keep your focus on your family and everything will be fine. We,your loyal followers, will still be here. Best of wishes for a continued good progress for Preston and for Kellan to have his share of loving too.

  • Wendy Hymus

    Welcome to the world Preston, and congrats to you Des, and your Hubby