Monday Musings

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. We did. This past Saturday we put Kellan in his radio flyer, walked down the street and got our Christmas tree. It is a day I look forward to all year. Despite the fact that I’ve been listening to Christmas music for almost a month now, bringing home and decorating the tree really is the start of Christmas for me. Have you decorated yet?

  • Speaking of Christmas trees, to those of you that celebrate, do you prefer an artificial or real tree? Personally, I could never have an artificial one, unless there was some kind of allergy in the house. I know people say “You can get a candle that smells like a Christmas tree” but really, it’s just not the same. Thoughts?
  • So what did everyone think of the Revolution “fall finale”? I thought it was pretty good but I’m really bummed that we have to wait until March to see what happens now that the Militia has power.
  • With the holiday season upon us are there any recipes that you’d like to see? Something for the big holiday meal? Appetizers for parties? More desserts?
  •  Kellan is growing so fast lately. He has picked up a few more words in the last couple of weeks. And apparently grown because his reach is now as high as the dining room table. I know this because Little Man helped himself to the plate of cookies that was sitting on the table. Looks like he got his Dad’s sweet tooth.
  • I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping. I’ve only got a couple people left to buy for. And Kellan’s stocking to fill. What kind of stuff do you put in a one year old’s stocking? I could really use some ideas for that one.

Have a great week everyone! I’ve got a couple tasty recipes coming your way :)

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    December 5, 2012 at 10:08 am

    Chili Rubbed Chicken – Hi, I wrote you long time ago about this recipe, I’ve actually made it few times and LOVE LOVE LOVE. My question now is: I don’t have thighs but all I have is a bag of frozen chicken breast fillets, wonder if this will work for that since it’s white meat? Also, it’s got no skin nor bones, and I’d probably only want to make 2 filets for now? Will that work? Thanks.

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    December 3, 2012 at 9:21 am

    I’ve never had a real tree, so I only know the bad parts about them from my aunt who has one every year (messy, having to worry about taking care of it, etc.). I loved our artificial tree–it’s been in our family for over 30 years! :)

    For his stocking…maybe some toys? Or things like socks/mittens?

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