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Spring Training

And that is that folks! Ravens win the Super Bowl and football is done for another year. You know what the best part about that is? Pitchers and catchers report in 8 days! Excuse me while I break out into a rendition of Boys of Summer.

  • If you can’t tell we’re huge baseball fans in our house. So big in fact that we go to a couple Spring Training games in Arizona every year to watch the Mariners play. It’s nice to watch baseball and it’s very nice to enjoy the Arizona sunshine for a couple of days during a cold, dreary Seattle winter. Are you a baseball fan?
  • Kellan was sick last week. I actually got a little scared. Ran a fever of 104.9 at one point. We were able to keep it down with Motrin and Tylenol but each time the medicine wore off, the fever would go up just a little bit higher than it was before he had the medicine. We ended up in the dr’s office, found out it was just a virus and by yesterday we were fever free. Phew! It’s the first time he ever ran a fever like that. Glad it’s over.
  • I was testing Valentine’s Day dessert recipes yesterday and came up with one heck of a winner. I’ll be sharing it in the next week or so. Stay tuned. Trust me.
  • Does anyone know anything about planting a vegetable garden? I thought it was early but I just read that I should be planting chard seeds if I want to harvest it this summer. I already planted garlic and red onions last fall, but are there other things I should be planting now? I’d love some help! My garden last year turned out OK, but I’m hoping for a better harvest this year.

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    February 4, 2013 at 10:11 pm

    These are my two favorite sites for garden help and planting info:
    They’ll give you way more info than you ever knew you needed. ;)

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