Monday Musings

It’s March. It’s raining. A lot. I think that the trip to Phoenix last weekend was too much of a tease. It was so nice to see the sunshine and blue skies that we are anxious for it to make its way to us. Kellan just loved playing outside and now that we’re home and reminded it’s still winter here in Seattle, I think he’s a little sad that he’s inside looking out.

  • Luckily we’ve found some great things to do indoors like a music class, a gym class and of course helping me in the kitchen. The music class teaches both Spanish and sign language. Kellan loves it. I think it’s pretty fun too. What are some indoor activities that you do with your children when it’s rainy outside?
  • St. Patty’s day is coming up this weekend. Do you do anything to celebrate? We’ve never really done much, maybe this year I’ll try corned beef and cabbage. Or maybe I’ll just stick with colcannon because well…it’s fantastic.
  • After much hype, not to mention excitement from Ryan, the Cool Ranch Dortio Locos taco from Taco Bell is here. We decided to give it a try this weekend and unlike my disappointing experience with the Sriracha chips, these weren’t actually that bad. Have you tried one yet?
  • Does anyone watch Army Wives? After last season, which I kind of thought was a little lackluster, I decided to give the season premier a shot last night. It had me bawling in the first 5 minutes. I kind of new that it was going to happen based on things I’ve read about the actor but it was still sad! I won’t spoil it for those of you that haven’t watched the episode yet but have your tissues handy.

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