Monday Musings

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? We’re fighting some colds over here so ours was pretty tame. Tame, aside from chasing around our now walking 11 month old. Yep that’s right. Little dude is walking. He’s growing so fast! I can’t believe we’re only 1 month away from his 1st birthday. I’m thinking Mickey Mouse theme because someone is a little obsessed with the Hot Dog Song. Warning: Clicking the link will result in you singing the song. All. Day. Long.

  • Today is October 8th. That means that tomorrow is October 9th and I will be celebrating my first 29th birthday. I’m pretty excited actually since it’s the first birthday that I’ll be able to celebrate with Kellan.
  • It’s still pretty warm here in Seattle. Virtually unheard of in October. And while I am enjoying the sunshine, I’m ready for some soup weather.  Sweater weather. Halloween weather. What are your favorite fall soups?
  • Speaking of Halloween, I am a huge fan of horror movies and this week I’m headed to see Sinister with one of my best friends who is also a huge fan of horror movies. I’m hoping for a good scare! Anyone else planning on seeing it?
  • Currently I have to stay away from chocolate because it bothers little dude so I’ve had to find other ways to please my sweet tooth. Luckily its fall. Luckily Costco had a sale on canned pumpkin. And lucky for everyone, I have developed a new super delicious cupcake recipe that I am going to share on Wednesday.
  • Speaking of Wednesday, that’s the last day you have to enter for your chance to win a box full of my favorite kitchen things. If you haven’t done it yet, enter soon, it’s super easy!

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    October 8, 2012 at 9:42 am

    We went apple picking this weekend and it was so warm! I would definitely like to have a slightly chillier week to bring me more into Fall here :)

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    October 8, 2012 at 9:29 am

    I don’t need to win kitchen things; I have all I could ever need. I do need to stay connected to your blog. It is warm, comforting, and moving.

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