My Little Garden Update

My Tomato Plant

A few months ago I wrote a very optimistic post about My Little Garden.  I started out with oregano, basil, chives, tomatoes, habaneros, parsley and jalapenos.  I was dreaming of caprese salads, fresh salsa and fresh herbs in my pastas. Well lets just say, my little garden is now a lot littler than I had originally anticipated.

Apparently I don’t have a green thumb. I don’t even think its kinda green. It’s pretty much brown. The chives and oregano did not even have a chance, I killed them in the first 3 weeks. The basil and parsley held out a little bit longer but eventually they too succumbed to my awful care taking. What I am left with now is a surprisingly flourishing tomato plant and a pepper plant. What kind of pepper plant you ask? I wish I knew. Yes, I planted seeds for both habaneros and jalapenos, but me being the very skilled gardener that I am I didn’t label them. I foolishly thought that once they bloomed I would be able to tell what they were. And guess what, one of them didn’t bloom. So now I am waiting patiently to find out what kind of pepper it is I am growing.

While I’m being so honest about my gardening skills, I should probably confess something else. The reason that my tomato plant is flourishing and my pepper plant is still alive is that my wonderful husband has taken over. I didn’t really have a choice in the matter. I came home one day a couple of weeks ago and he was transferring both plants to new pots and then asked me to get the watering can for his plants. Apparently he realized how bad I was at it and figured that if he wanted to avoid the whining that would ensue as I threw the rest of my pitiful garden in the trash, he better help me. So he did and I am proud to say we have about 20 tomatoes growing now. They are green but I am still holding out hope that they turn red. As far as the peppers go, we still don’t have any growing yet but I saw a few buds on there the other day. I’ll keep you posted. And hopefully some day soon, I’ll share a recipe using both the fresh tomatoes and peppers, whatever kind of pepper they may be.

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    Dale Creekmur
    September 22, 2009 at 6:49 am

    Having heard of doing it before, early this summer I took a square, plastic bucket, drilled some holes in the bottom, filled it 1/3rd of the way with packing peanuts – the rest of the way with potting soil. I sliced a couple of cherry tomatoes and ‘poked them down’ into the topsoil. Watered, moved out of weather during storms, etc., and my harvest has just begun to slow down. Next year I’ll poke some plastic rods in the 4 corners so I’ll have something to tie the plants up to when they start going wild. Worked like a charm! Also may place some netting (panty hose?) between the soil and packing peanuts to keep them separate for re-use. Why the peanuts? Makes the bucket lighter.

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      September 23, 2009 at 2:10 pm

      Thanks for the tip Dale! I’ll have to remember that for next year.