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Pickles and Ice Cream

Pickles and Ice Cream

You may or may not have noticed a decrease in blog posts here on Life’s Ambrosia for the last few months or so. Well Ryan and I are finally ready to tell you why. Do you know how many weeks there are until Thanksgiving? I do. There are 26 weeks. Do you know why I know that? It’s not because of my affinity for mashed potatoes and gravy or pumpkin pie, no, I know the exact weeks until Thanksgiving because Ryan and I are expecting our first baby two days before. We like to think of it as our little slow roasted turkey.

If you’ve ever been pregnant or have had a pregnant woman in your life then you probably know that these first few months aren’t exactly the best for food lovers. The meals that I have been eating (read: boxes of macaroni and cheese, apple sauce, cheerios, Mexican pizzas, pickles and Klondike bars) aren’t necessarily blog worthy so that is why I’ve been a little absent lately. I hope to get back into the groove and begin posting a couple of times a week again soon. I just wanted to let you all in on the exciting news and to tell you that I haven’t forgotten about Life’s Ambrosia, I’m still here and as soon as baby starts craving stuff that doesn’t require a trip to a drive thru or a pickle jar, I’ll be back a little more often.

Happy cooking all!



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  • Congratulations! That is fantastic news. Enjoy this really special time.

  • Jess


  • Diana

    Do you know that i kinda thought that this might be happening! I was wondering everyday where you were? And I had a feeling because…. we are PREGNANT TOO with our first! Ours is not due until Jan 2012. Congrats.. we can work through this together! Do you know what I have been eating??? BEEFARONI! go old Chef Boy AR DEE! mmmmm

  • Congratulations! I hope your little turkey lets you get back to eat your regular yummy food soon :)

  • Denise

    Congratulations! What happy news!

  • jenny

    Congrats!!! How exciting! I have been checking daily to see if there was a new recipe!!

  • jmk

    Congrats to you!!! Looking forward to hearing about your journey!

  • Ellen

    awww, yay! congratulations! it is a time of life unlike any other.

  • Congratulations! And yes I certainly understand your cooking hiatus. I wondered if I’d ever be able to touch raw chicken again. The good news is that it will pass (eventually) and it will all be worth it when you see that precious little face (:

  • Wow, mazel tov! (Longtime reader, first-time commenter here.) I was the same way with my blog when I was pregnant. Unsolicited advice ahead: If/when you get that burst of nesting energy in the 3rd tri, cook & freeze as much as possible–cooking with a newborn is tough stuff.

  • Laura

    Congrats! My first baby was born the week after Thanksgiving, it’s a great time for a baby! = )

  • tlhughes03

    Congrats! What a joy! Can’t wait to see your new section of gourmet baby purees! haha I made baby food for all 3 of my little ones & they’ve enjoyed it. My latest creation: beets, blueberries & yogurt. A big hit!

  • Congratulations Deos! So happy for you! I looked for you at the bake sale but we must have missed each other. I whish all the best for all 3 of you.
    PS- do you really eat picles with ice cream?

  • chris

    Congratulaions Des!!! I was wondering why you hadn’t been posting any yummy new recipe adventures…it was because you’re both starting this new wonderful adventure! Aww…I wish you two all the best :)

  • chris

    PS…what a great time to let Ryan have a go at some of your easier recipes (like the mint oreo truffles…mmmmmm!) LOL

  • Emily

    Congratulations to the THREE of you!! Here’s to a healthy, happy baby!

  • Emily

    Ooooh, and if you suddenly crave a Wendy’s Frosty at 1 a.m., please tell Ryan it’s his job to go out and get you one, and he’d be smart to say “yes dear” and not complain. My husband learned that early on, LOL

  • Kathy

    Congratulations, Des and Ryan! Your lives will change forever, and this time you have your baby all to yourself is totally precious.

  • Tammy

    Congratulations on the big news my son just turned 9 months yesterday its the best feeling to be pregnant nd to be a mom. Congrats again nd enjoy while u can.

  • Congratulations!! That is wonderful news.

  • Cheryl

    Congratulations Des and Ryan! That is fabulous! Enjoy your journey.

  • Leah Perkel

    Congratulations on the upcoming arrival!!! This is wonderful news enjoy every moment of your pregnancy.

  • Liz


  • Oh my gosh, CONGRATULATIONS to you and Ryan!!!! What amazing news!!! Happy for your both!!

  • Thank you everyone!! I should be getting back to cooking pretty soon, until then Ryan has been a major help making me all kinds of things and all kinds of runs to the store and drive thru :)
    Diana- Congrats to you! Danielle- Chicken has been an enemy of mine. Not quite sure why. At least I’m not the only one :) Debbie- Thanks for the tip! I will have to remember that. tlhughes03- I actually have thought of that. I think I’d really enjoy making my own baby food! Rita- I’ve been eating lots of pickles and lots of ice cream but have yet to actually put the two together. We’ll see ;-)

  • Congratulations!!

  • Jackie

    Hi Des

    Congratulations on your new bundle of joy and I hope you and ryan get what you want, a boy or girl.

  • ER

    Congratulations! Wishing you the very very best!

  • Jennifer

    My first pregnancy was pickles and BBQ sauce. I never combined them tho. I had tons of food adversions too and smell of cooking food was too much to bear. But it passed as will yours. The recipes can wait, baking a perfect baby is hard work, Congratulations!!

  • elizabeth

    So, so happy for you!!!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Nice! I remember going to the movie theatre everyday after work and picking up my wife a pickle!

  • ashley

    Congrats to you and Ryan! My cousin just had her first yesterday and he is absolutely perfect! Quick question? Do you have any ideas about cannolis? I wanted to make something fun and flavorful for the new family that wont require anything more than hands to eat with!

  • Gary

    Congratulations! I usually take this time to quote the movie “Big Fish” at father’s to be…. so pass this along for me.

    Elder Bloom – “Havin’ a kid changes everything. There’s burping, the midnight feeding, and the changing.”

    Young Bloom – “You do any of that?”

    Elder Bloom – “No. But I hear it’s terrible.”

    Hopefully Ryan will be better at that stuff than I was. :D

  • Jeannie

    Congratulations! Babies are the most amazing blessing in the world. What a lucky little punkin to have a mommy that can make such amazing meals. Those cravings can be a killer – butter pecan ice cream, banana popsicles, french bread, popcorn, and rice were my five food groups when I was expecting. I will be watching for updates on how things are going! :)

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