Sunday Shares: Game Day Eats

Last Sunday when Ryan and I leaving Friday Harbor after spending a lovely evening there for our anniversary we missed the ferry. By two cars. The next one didn’t come for 3 hours. AND to top it off the Seahawks were not doing well. And why does it always seem that when your football team isn’t doing well that you’re not doing well?

This is why I do not get myself too involved in the sport. Or any sports for that matter. I prefer to concentrate on the food. THAT is where the fun is at my friends.

There is no loser when there is dip. And wings. And chips. And potato skins.

(Well except for skinny jeans. But who needs skinny jeans?)

So in the spirit of the game day, today’s edition of Sunday Shares I’m sharing some of the best game day snacks I’ve seen around the web lately.

P.S. Thank heavens the Seahawks pulled out a win last week, otherwise that would have been a very long ferry ride home.

1. Philly Cheesesteak Nachos. Umm..yeah..seriously.

2. Loaded Smashed Red Potatoes. Potato skins, kicked up a couple notches.

3. Bacon Double Cheeseburger Dip. That is all.

4. Sweet Potato Fries with Andouille Gravy and Pimento Cheese. I am not even usually a fan of sweet potato fries but these have me drooling.

5. Let’s keep the poutine theme going with these Poutine Dogs. #Poutineforever

6. Tailgator Nachos. Nachos with potatoes instead of corn chips? Swoon.

7. Hot Caprese Dip. Cheese. Cheese. Glorious Cheese!

8. And because every good game day spread has wings, why not try this Sriracha Honey Buffalo Wings version?


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