About me

DesereeHey Everyone!

Welcome to Life’s Ambrosia. My name is Des. I’m a Mom to Kellan and Preston. Wife to Ryan. Dog mom to Pumpkin and lover of all things food. Whether it is cooking it, eating it, shopping for it or watching TV about it,  food is one of my favorite things. This passion for all things food, that I have had for as long as I can remember,  is the reason that I started this blog in October of 2008.

Many of the recipes that you see here won’t be anything fancy or gourmet because when it comes to food and cooking, I like to cook simply and I like food that is comforting. I like food that reminds me of my childhood or food that will comfort you no matter what your mood. To me food doesn’t need to be over complicated or gourmet to be a meal you and your family will love. So while many of these recipes may not fit in at the tables of the hippest restaurants in town, I hope that you can find room for them at your family’s table. Which in my opinion, is the most important one anyway.

The community aspect of blogging is one of my favorite parts so in addition to the recipes, I’ll be sharing a little bit about what’s going on with me as well as some of my favorite stuff from around the web in a series called: Sunday Stuff.

I am writer and recipe creator for this blog but I could not do it without the hard work from my very talented husband and high school sweetheart, Ryan. He spent many hours designing the blog and putting up with my indecisiveness which can be quite the task. Not only that, he takes all the beautiful photos that you see here too. We make quite the pair I tell you.

Well, that is probably enough about me but I do want to be sure to say thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy all that I share, because I will enjoy sharing.
If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say “hi”, email me at des (at) lifesambrosia (dot)com

Live. Laugh. Love and Eat Well.