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DesereeAbout Life’s Ambrosia: 

I started Life’s Ambrosia in 2008 as a place to share easy down to earth recipes. Over the years it has become the home to over 1000 recipes. You’ll find tried and true recipes for weeknight dinners, holiday dinners, game day, backyard BBQs, party appetizers, desserts and more. Everything you need to eat well at home.

About Deseree Kazda:

My first memory in the kitchen involves me making meatballs in the microwave for my mom and neighbors. I don’t remember if the meatballs themselves were good (probably not the best), but I do remember how good it felt to cook and share food with other people. That is when my passion for food started, and it continues to this day. I’ll be the first one to offer to bring food for a party and the first one to ask you about everything you ate on your vacation. If it involves food, I’m in.

I am the mother of two boys and married to my high school sweetheart. I live in the pacific northwest and despite the rain, I don’t think I could live anywhere else. Except maybe a villa in Tuscany.

When it comes to food I love garlic and am addicted to all things spicy. Habanero salsa is my jam. And I cannot get enough of cheese. Whether its mozzarella, chèvre, brie or aged cheddar, if it’s cheese chances are I’m a fan. Give me a cheese board loaded with cheese and cured meats and I’ll be your friend for life.

When I’m not blogging or in the kitchen you’ll find me chasing my boys around, watching one of my favorite legal drama shows, singing along to country music, planning my next Disney trip or reading a historical fiction book (a physical book never on a device. I’m quirky like that) while drinking red wine from my Olivia Pope glass.


I attended Washington State University-Vancouver and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelors in Social Sciences with concentration in History and Anthropology.  I don’t get much use out of my degree these days but earning it was fun.

So browse around, try some recipes and eat well at home.

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