Dips, Dressings and Sauces

Condiments and sauces are literally a billion dollar industry. They have their own aisles at the grocery store. There is usually at least one on every single restaurant table. You probably have an entire shelf of them in your fridge. 

Basically, condiments and sauces are super popular, everyone loves them and they are often a part of every single meal you eat. Whether you’ve got ketchup or sriracha on the table or you ask the sever for a side of ranch dip for your fries, condiments are everywhere. 

But did you also know, there are so many of them that you can make at home? Usually with ingredients that you already have on hand. And they are often super easy to make. 

I’ve got over 30+ Sauce and Condiment recipes here on Life’s Ambrosia to help you jazz up your lunch, dinners and breakfasts. 

 What is considered a condiment?

The definition of a condiment is a spice, sauce, or preparation (think caramelized onions) that is added to food to impart a particular flavor or enhance its flavor. 

What is considered a sauce?

The definition of a sauce is a thick liquid served with food, usually savory dishes, to add moistness and flavor. 

In the Sauces and Condiments category on Life’s Ambrosia, you’ll find sauces and condiments that you can add to hamburgers, aioli to dip your french fries in, add to your tacos and you’ll find dressings for your favorite salads too! Basically, anything you could want to add a little something extra to your meal. 

You can wow your guests by making steakhouse favorites like peppercorn sauce and horseradish sauce when you have them over for holiday dinners. 

If the kiddos in your life like fishsticks like mine do, you’ve got to have tartar sauce to go alongside. Making your own homemade tartar sauce is beyond easy and always a crowd pleaser. Speaking of crowd pleasers, skip the fishsticks and serve it alongside Fried Cod instead. 

Another condiment that is easy to make at home is your own hot sauce. Whether you’re looking to spice up your tacos, steaks, burgers or just about anything else, Habanero Hot Sauce is perfect for a little extra heat. 

Browse the recipes below and you’ll find yourself skipping the trip to the store and making your own sauces and condiments recipes at home.

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