Rosemary and Cranberry Spread

This easy, festive Rosemary and Cranberry Spread will be the hit of all of your holiday parties! 

I have always had a fondness for cream cheese spreads. They are super easy to make and you can add just about any flavor that you like. Take this recipe for instance. After making my Spinach, Arugula, Cranberry and Walnut Salad, I have discovered a new found love for dried cranberries and the sweetness that they add to dishes. In this recipe, their sweetness pairs nicely with the fresh rosemary and smooth cream cheese. Spread on some crisp crackers and you’ll have an addicting little snack perfect for all of your upcoming holiday festivities.

This easy, festive Rosemary and Cranberry Spread will be the hit of all of your holiday parties!

One of my favorite parts of the traditional Thanksgiving festivities is the platter of appetizers that cover the table before dinner.  After all it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving if we didn’t spend the entire day eating, right? Our family breaks out the appetizer platters at about 11 am while we’re watching the last hour of the Macy’s Parade. It really is a smorgasbord of food. We usually have everything from pickles and olives, to salami and cheese to ham pin-wheels and deviled eggs. And while it may not sound like we need anything more, I couldn’t resist making just one more thing. That is where this Rosemary and Cranberry Spread enters the equation. Its quick, easy, full of flavor and sure to be a hit.

This easy, festive Rosemary and Cranberry Spread will be the hit of all of your holiday parties!

When I originally shared this Rosemary and Cranberry Spread several years back, I knew that this recipe was going to be a hit. I often get friends telling me that this is one of their favorites from the blog and it is one of our favorites too. It has made an appearance at almost every holiday celebration for the last few years. I hope it has a spot at your table too!

Cranberry Rosemary SpreadThis easy, festive Rosemary and Cranberry Spread will be the hit of all of your holiday parties!

Rosemary and Cranberry Spread Recipe

Serves 4 - 6 Prep Time:


  • 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 4 tablespoons dried sweetened cranberries
  • 2 teaspoons chopped fresh rosemary
  • fresh cracked pepper and kosher salt



Place cream cheese into a bowl and using a spoon, fold in all ingredients until well combined.


Serve along side crackers or toasted baguette slices.



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  • This sounds great and is so pretty! It would be great for Christmas, too, with those colors.

  • This would make a great appetizer… or just a snack :)

  • Marion

    I love the idea of pairing cream cheese with just about everyth ing. It always puts a nice clean freshness into the offering, whatever that might be. This spread is colorful and with the garlic powder and the rosemary, it will suit any occasion, even the latenight snack. Thank you.

  • Elle

    This was WONDERFUL! Rolled it into a ball, then rolled in chopped pecans and cracked black pepper…….. there wasn’t a scrap left.

  • I love dried cranberries, thank you for a great suggestion… I never thought of adding them to a cheese spread before! Thanks!

  • Thank you Carrie and Michelle!
    You’re welcome Marion! I also find that cream cheese is wonderful with just about anything :)
    Thank Elle! I LOVE the changes that you made, I can understand why there wasn’t a scrap left.
    You’re welcome Alina!

  • A very beautiful one with lots of taste and flavor. Nice combination of the tart and the sweet and the rosemary with it sounds really good.

  • Thank you Soma!

  • Xochi

    This spread is delicious! I made it for Thanksgiving appetizers for my family and then again for my roommates when I got back. It was gone in under 10 minutes. Total winner. :)

  • Thank you Xochi! I am happy to hear that everyone enjoyed it so much and I even more flattered that you served this as part of your Thanksgiving celebration :)

  • andifoo

    Made this for me & a friend to snack on today while we were doing Christmas crafts. We loved it! The fresh rosemary really makes it, then there’s that bite of the tart cranberry – just excellent. I’m putting it on my appetizer menu for Christmas Eve. Thanks so much!

  • You’re welcome andifoo! It is wonderful to hear that you liked it so much :)

  • My wife and I made this for a New Year’s Day potluck, and it was amazing. Don’t be shy with the cracked pepper! Use a pink and black peppercorn blend. The pink peppercorns impart a sweet and delicate flavor, while the black peppercorns give it that true peppery flavor. (For bonus points, use a mortar and pestle to better control the size and balance of the cracked ‘corns.)

  • Todd- I love the idea of sub-ing some pink and black peppercorn blend. Thanks for the comments!

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  • Theresa

    I had seen a recipe similar to this, but butter was used in place of the cream cheese and used on potatos and what not. I have no idea where I saw the recipe, but do you think that the same quanities of ingrediants can be used? Would sour cream work as well?
    Thanks so much!!

  • I cannot tell you how much I love this spread. This is the second year in a row it will be on my holiday menu. It just screams Christmas to me. The pineyness (pine-iness? piney-ness? are these words?) of the rosemary, the gorgeous red of the sweet/tart cranberries… perfection. Thanks so much for sharing a simple recipe that will be a Christmas must-have for us for years to come.

    And now that I’ve gushed uncontrollably, I will step over the line into slightly obsessed to say that I’m typing this comment while munching on it right this very second.

  • haha well I suppose there are worse things to be obsessed with. You’re welcome and thank you for your comment :)

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  • Renee

    Looks great! I’m thinking of making this for Thanksgiving… and this might be a dumb question, but can I make it a day in advance? I’m assuming yes, but I thought I’d check.

  • Thanks Renee! Of course you can make it a day in advance. But hide it…so it lasts until the big day :)

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  • Sarah

    I made this for our Thanksgiving appetizer, and it was a hit! My cousin said he doesn’t even like cream cheese, and he loved it. I’m passing the recipe on to others. Thank you!

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  • BK

    I used fresh cranberries and added a little brown sugar. It is delicious. Thanks for the recipe idea I found on Pinterest.

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  • jackie

    I am going to try this today. I think of cream cheese as a food group on its own. Always looking for new ways to use it

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  • I have to tell you that I’ve made this at least 10 times and it has been a HUGE hit at each event. I just got a call requesting that I bring this particular appetizer to an upcoming party. Thanks so much! So easy and mighty tasty!

  • PNKPaige

    Have you tried it with low fat or fat free cream cheese? I am trying to find yummy appetizers that won’t cause me to gain weight over the holidays! :)

  • I haven’t tried it but I’m pretty sure it would work :)

  • Cassie

    Bam! This was good. I made it for a pot luck and loved the flavor. Super easy to make and super tasty. Thanks! I will be back to try out more.

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