Side Dishes

Whether you are looking for easy side dishes for weeknights or the best Thanksgiving side dishes for your holiday table, Life’s Ambrosia has got you covered with over 100 side dish recipes. 

What is a side dish?

Some of you may be asking “What is the purpose of a side dish?” A side dish is exactly what it sounds like: a dish served along-side a main dish. Side dishes are the dishes that hold your whole meal together. As good as perfectly cooked as flat iron steak may be, if there aren’t any sides to go with it, your family and guests will probably be a bit disappointed. 

Easy Side Dish Recipes: 

If you are looking for the perfect weeknight meal side dish, I’ve got dozens for you! And since the emphasis for weeknight meals is always on “easy” these recipes usually include 10 ingredients or less. Some of my most popular easy side dishes recipes are roasted red potatoes and garlic rice

Vegetable Side Dishes: 

We can’t forget the vegetables when it comes to side dishes either. Whether you’re looking for something classic sauteed broccoli or roasted brussels sprouts. Or if you’re looking for something to hide the veggies and please the kiddos, like in zucchini cakes, you’ll find it here! 

Holiday Side Dishes: 

I have got your holidays covered too including the best thanksgiving side dishes. The side dishes that will become a tradition in your house, just as they are in ours. Homemade Mashed Potatoes and Gravy are a must. As is stuffing, stovetop macaroni and cheese and cranberry sauce.

So, if you are looking for side dishes that go well with chicken, or what to serve alongside pasta or really anything you’re making, there’s a side dish for you here. Simply scroll through the list below! 

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